speedit company specializes in the development of children and adolescents improving coordination and developmental cognitive abilities.
The company is engaged in the promotion of children with attention difficulties, concentration, focusing- learning capabilities, and the promotion of young athletes. 
Speedit Company provides training courses, field workshops, lectures and more. Speedit is open to collaboration locally or internationally to enable as many children and teens to learn through movement and be happy and challenged with themselves. 
We also seek global cooperation in development of coordination workshops in schools, community centers and sports organizations. Our workshops are very diverse and they are relevant to educators and all kinds of sports coaches such as: physical education teachers, special education teachers, football coaches, basketball coaches, soccer coaches, early childhood trainers, movement therapists, psychologists.
The workshops are divided into topics and can be selected:
  1. The study of communication and decision making in motion
  2.  Motor learning training
  3. developing coordination components for learning strategies
  4. A model for improving balance in group dynamics
  5. memory- cognitive games Challenge to develop confidence and self-esteem
  6. Games for social development
  7. games to improve response and awareness
  8. Games and exercises specific for developing coordination for young athletes.
* Of course we can choose another subject from which to create a workshop that fits exactly to your needs
Speedit method was developed and built over 15 years working with hundreds of children and teenagers and is based on the following parameters:
  1. patterning of sensory motion based on elements of coordination.
  2. Developing creativity, freedom of action.
  3. kinesthetic intelligence -Cognitive abilities. 
*To learn more about our method we recommend for annual course diploma. Potential participant
 Candidate will get lots of practical knowledge and understanding how to work in this field. 
Modernization and life in modern society has competitive elements that can affect children and the development of physical, intellectual, emotional and mental Capabilities. Lack of movement of physical activity, causing an increasing number of observable effects mainly between age 4-6 such as weakness of the upper body, inability to jump, climbing stairs, tie shoelaces, climb the ladder at the park, fear of new and unpredictable things, Low self-esteem and insecurity, violent behavior expresses anger and frustration. we can see a   child has multiple injuries and much more.
Our rich experience has brought us to the obvious conclusion: working with children and adolescents we must put emphasis on developing coordination as a major factor for social and emotional development. Coordination control gives the child a safer place to deal with complex tasks.
 The Speedit method teaches all of that and more..
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All the best, 
Arad scovel-CEO



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